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Hi Ladies and Gents, (Ok- possibly no gents will ever read this blog but I thought I would say hello just in case!)

I DID it! This weekend I whipped up 9 make-up brush “rolls.” I have 2 more I want to make but need to find some purple thread. (Which I know I have but I have not always been the most organized person when it comes to putting everything in it’s proper place!) When I get that purple thread I will finish up the last 2! Anyway, here they are and I am including directions so you can make your own! They are QUICK and EASY!

Applause accepted! πŸ˜‰

I ended up making up my own pattern because I was using supplies from my stash and leftovers. And as you can see I have various sizes. The small one is a “travel” one my eldest daughter suggested for her shorter brush set. The size I like the best is the one I will give measurements for.

Here is what you will need to make your own Make-Up Brush Roll up case:

  • 2 pc of 9×17 fabric
  • 2 pc of 5×17 contrast fabric
  • 1 pc iron on interfacing 8×16
  • 1 pc iron on interfacing 4×16
  • 1 pc ribbon 29″
  • thread

Iron on your interfacing. Attach the ribbon to the interfaced side- I drew a line halfway, 1 inch from the short edge, 6 inches long. Then I left 12″ on the side I was attaching it to for my bow tie.

Sew the top edge of the 5×17 inch piece right sides together. Turn and press. Then place the right sides of your 17×9 inch pieces together, with the 5×17 inch piece sandwiched between.

From here I sewed the 2 sides and bottom section together using a 4/8″ seam line. Be careful not to catch the ribbon! Clip corners and turn. Mark your sewing lines for the brush separations. Mine ended up with 10 spaces with several 2″ ones for larger brushes all the way down to 1″ spaces for smaller brushes. I marked my lines and then sewed them through all layers.

And last but not least (didn’t that go FAST?!!) you can iron the top inward and stitch along the top to close everything and finish it up.

You now have a lovely, finished place to put all your makeup brushes. πŸ™‚

What’s next up for the Sew Exhausted Duo? Well, Kerrielee is currently finishing up a t-shirt quilt for a friend… and I am excited to begin a fantastic 60 eras vintage dress for my eldest daughter. She chose a dusky pink with brown ribbon trim and View 3 which boasts those fab Juliet sleeves.

See ya soon friends! And happy sewing!