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Well, I guess we were a little TOO exhausted to sew or quilt – hmmm – or maybe just to blog about it! BUT, we have decided that today is the day to refocus and get busy! Especially with Christmas right around the corner. There are quilts to make, gifts to sew, and outfits calling out to us! Last night I got the bright idea to make panties… vintage style to be exact. I mean, after all, what could be better than making something you need! So, I went to ebay, bid on EXACTLY the one I wanted, (a nice little vintage 70’s pattern) and hope to have it in my hands by next week!  The best thing is it has ALL sizes. Now that is good thing when between Kerrielee and her daughter, and me and my 3 daughters we can all have panties from the same pattern. Different styles and prints of course so we can tell them apart in the wash! (Doubt Kerrielee will have that problem as her house is full of BOYS) I figure it can be never ending! Different fabrics, trims, styles, cuts. 🙂 I am very much looking forward to the “The Great Panty Adventure!” (I will certainly keep you all posted with pics once I start whipping them up!)

One of the projects I want to make this weekend is a gift for my girls for Christmas. I am on a pretty tight budget- so I will making a lot of my gifts from stash I already have! My girls all wear make- up and I saw a darling but simple make-up brush holder that you roll up and tie with ribbon. With all the quilting cottons I have hanging around I am more than likely to have something that will fit each of the girls personalities. And if I am feeling especially energetic I may add a matching zippered make-up bag in to the mix. I will post pictures next week! (This way I HAVE to accomplish my goal now that I have promised you all pics!)

I also have a myriad of other projects I am going to be focusing on- Among them, a great little vintage 60’s dress for my eldest daughter and a skirt for myself. My goal is to start using some of the fabrics and notions I have stored away over the years, and do my very best to buy only the minimum of what I would need to finish a project. Plus I have an AMAZING collection of patterns- from a gorgeous 1920’s style slip I am dying to make and a darling swing coat, to the contemporary pajama bottoms and dresses just waiting to be whipped up.

I suppose I better get busy. I have a really exciting project I need to undertake right now. The replacing of a broken zipper in a GORGEOUS Renaissance style Princess dress my daughter picked up at a thrift store for $10. She wants to wear it in a  few hours. (BTW- I had the right zipper in my “stash!” 🙂


Take Care friends, and Happy Sewing!  -Laurie (1/2 of the Sew Exhausted Team!)