Here I sit, with at least 4 unfinished projects staring me in the face. Which one is screaming at me the loudest?!

Ahhh, the bane of being ADD when it comes to quilting. For some reason it is difficult to begin a project and complete it before starting on another. I think this comes from being flooded with ideas all the time, and being impatient to start.

Sometimes I am disciplined. If I have a gift to make- or a deadline (like finishing my Charger Team Football quilt before the next game) I can stay focused. But other times I drift from project to project!

I am thinking that is ok. If anything you ALWAYS have something to work on. And if you don’t feel like binding that kitty Kat quilt for your daughter you can always work on the ocean inspired quilt for your bedroom! If anything, you always have some type of quilt to quilt.

Today, I think I will focus on my wine quilt. At the beginning of the year I made a “wine quilt” to donate to the Kiwani’s house fundraiser. (It was held at a winery) Well, the winery owner loved it so much she commissioned one from me. I guess because it is a quilt I am getting paid to make I better hop to it! I switched up the fabric and pattern a bit… making the SAME quilt twice would not be an enjoyable endeavor for me!

Better get to it!

Happy Quilting,

Laurie and Kerrielee