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For some reason I can’t manage to only have one project going. Maybe it is because a quilt is not a 10 minute craft? Or maybe I am swamped with too many ideas? Or maybe I am just schizophrenic when it comes to creating?

Currently, I am finishing up a pattern I am writing- The thing is, you have to make a finished quilt if you are going to write a pattern. It is a Peacock pattern. And during the quilt making process I thought about some other colors I would love to see it in- So, I race out to buy some batiks. And let me tell you- they are gorgeous and I am very excited as I see it taking shape. But now I have 2 peacock quilt tops I need to finish!

But wait- When I started the peacock quilt pattern I still had my daughters lavender, black and white kitty cat quilt to bind and finish… The one with the adorable princess cat flannel on the back. (I added a few swarovski crystals to their crowns!) All I have to do is bind the darn thing. Then my daughter Holly (the middle one) will be so happy!

AND I have the half finished mystery quilt I was making- It is still a mystery to me!

And last weekend?? Well, I am trying to control myself but I have ALWAYS wanted to make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I love Sunbonnet Sue. And there are so many variations! The thing is I want a Sunbonnet Sue– and I have 3 daughters. Can I possibly make 4 Sunbonnet Sues? I got even more excited when I started thinking about the possibilities… I asked each of the girls to pick 2 colors- Then I went through my stash of fat quarters and pulled out the colors for each… And today, I started thinking about the variations I could create. I mean, I don’t have to just cut a ton of Sun Bonnet Sues all in the same dresses and bonnets. I am going to create special Sunbonnet Sues that are relative to each of us. Then we each will have a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, in colors that speak to us, and are special! (Oh, and I will have 4 variations of a Sunbonnet Sue quilt I can share with the quilting world!)

OMG! I need to go get busy. So much quilting… so little time!

Ciao for now!

Laurie and Kerrielee

PS. I did not even MENTION the quilt I cut out for my bed all in white with a touch of pale blue and green…