A few years ago a friend of ours was watching us make another quilt and she said, “How many friggin quilts can you have?”

My answer- you can never have enough quilts. We make quilts that are gifts, or sold at craft fairs but we also make quilts that we make for ourselves. Quilts are like a journey. They all have a story to tell. We see a fabric we love and get an idea for a quilt. We see a pattern, or get an idea when we are sleeping. We even get ideas from our surroundings- the tile on someones floor, a garden, or our kids artwork!

Whichever way the “birth” of our quilt comes about, it is an exciting process from start to finish. Sometimes a project takes a life of it’s own and becomes something different than we originally envisioned. But it is still a “journey” and every quilt has a story to tell.

When I see my Log Cabin quilt I remember making my first quilt and how excited I was when I was done. When we see our black and white quilts we remembering challenging each other to make a quilt all in black in white… and how different each of ours turned out. When I see the May Basket all in pastels I remember how quickly I put it together for my daughter, Kadi.

Other quilts remind us of staying up all night with gallons of coffee just so we could finish! Like Kerrie’s Yoda quilt or my Beach quilt. I have a beautiful blue quilt that I created from a group of fabrics I bought on a trip to Palm Springs- When I see it I remember the fun I had that weekend!

We use our quilts. We have our July 4th quilts that we spread out on the grass at our City’s Independence Day celebration every year. And a Beach quilt with palm trees that goes to the beach with us every weekend during the summer- And a special quilt for Ethaniel (one of Kerrielee’s children that has Downs Syndrome) for when he goes to the hospital.

We love each and every quilt we have created! So, you can never have too many quilts in my opinion!

What do you think?

Happy quilting,

Kerrielee and Laurie