Here we are… Two quilting mom’s, with 8 kids between us… oh, and one husband. But he belongs to one of us- not the other!

Despite the fact that we would like to blog everyday, it won’t happen- But tune in every few days for updates on our eternal search to have enough time to create all the quilts we want to create! We have lots of ideas, and tons of fabric, lots of patterns, lots of kids (as you know), half finished projects, and a severe lack of time. That is why we are “Sew Exhausted.” Because we are still going to find time to quilt- even if there are dirty dishes crying out to us in the sink!

Currently we are working on a butterfly quilt. We are very excited about this quilt because it is going to be our first published quilt. As in we are starting a quilt pattern business and this will be #1. The butterflies are all in red and we found some great butterfly prints to tie in. We will keep you posted on it’s progress and take a pic when it is complete!

Well, gotta hit the machines! Take care… and Happy Sewing!

Kerrielee and Laurie 🙂