The Stitchers Have Spoken… (Bossy Stitchers!)

I am pretty happy with my March Monthly Stitchers project! Too be honest though I would have been happy making any of the projects… And if I was Super Woman I would make all 4. I actually dreamed about being Super Woman and impressing you all with my mad skills, but then realized there was NO way I would be able to get them all 4 done. Especially since I am on my last week of flower girl dress making, I still have 10 blouses to make for a friend, I work full time, am a TAXI driver for 2 kids, and I am also wanting to make Easter Dresses for my three girls… So, no Super Woman for me this month!

Anyway, without further ado… Here is how the voting went:

'Tell Me True- What Should I Do' Voting Results  Polldaddy.comI had 80 people vote.. Thanks to ALL 80 of you! :) And I will be making the Retro Blouse Pattern (Simplicity 1590) in the lovely voile… Yes! The black, grey and white voile!

photo 2 (1)I am pretty excited to make this pattern. I LOVE it… and will probably make several once I have the fit worked out. Now I just have to decide whether to go with the collared version or the lovely rounded neckline.

Decisions… Decisions! Thanks to all who voted to boss me around!

Laurie xoxo

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15 thoughts on “The Stitchers Have Spoken… (Bossy Stitchers!)

  1. This is going to look great. And if you can manage all the things you just said (working full time, taxiing and selfless sewing), than you already are Super Woman!

    • Aww thanks Wendy! :) I wish I could function without sleep but alas my bed calls to me every night. But can you imagine having 24 hours in a day to do “stuff?”

    • Ooo- I cape! A Super Mom cape would be awesome! :) The voting was lots of fun. I enjoyed having a say! But there was a LOT of voting going on. Whew! Now we can sit back and look at everything get made.

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