YOU Can be the BOSS of Me…. Pleeeease!

As many of you have already noticed I am sure… The Monthly Stitchers have a brilliant challenge for the month of March. And I am JUST sliding in my “voting post” with a few days left in the month. Whew… I confess I am a BIG lagger… I get so busy!

The concept is that SOME sewists MAY have some unused patterns and/ or stash lurking around in their garages and that if we happen to be one of “those” sewists, we could take the month of March and sew something up from that “stash.” BUT… there is always a BUT… we don’t get to pick. We get to put the vote to you. Our faithful and fabulous readers!


Now, I am not confessing to having loads of “stash…” Or loads of patterns…

Oh, who am I kidding. I have LOTS of projects I have planned but never accomplished. So, I chose 4 and will put the vote to you. :)  I am actually pretty darn excited to see what you pick for me!

#1- I have this cotton voile I purchased a “while” ago just waiting to be made up in to a blouse. Probably with some black buttons! I have enough to do a short sleeved version and really like this pattern I have had lurking around but never used… YET!

photo 1 (1)

#2 . This is also a cotton voile. I admit I love the weight of voile and I really like to say voile. So, I have quite a bit of voile and will most likely add more voile to my collection. ;) This one is black and white and grey. And don’t you just LOVE this Retro blouse?

photo 2 (1)

#3. This is a sheer chiffon I bought last year as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little birdies and it was definitely a purchase I made when I was trying to branch out from my “normal” fabric buys. It is light weight and sheer so I would either underline it or wear it sheer with a cami top. It reminds me of spring! I have enough to make the Short sleeve or the 3/4… Decisions decisions!

photo 3 (1)

#4. This is a WILD denim weight fabric that I bought to make a blazer out of. I will be honest. I don’t even know yet if I LIKE the fabric- it was one of those “IamgoingintobuyacoolprinteddenimfabricandmakeablazerbutIdon’tlikeanythingsoIamgoingtosettle” moments. I settled and now I look at it and wonder how it will look made up. Guess I won’t know until I make it up!

photo 4 (1)

Thanks for voting! I am off to vote on some more myself as I see a few new ones have popped up!

OH- and if you have not entered my Sew Grateful Giveaway please do so! I have some lovely dress patterns I am giving away and a piece of fabric. :)

Laurie xox

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32 thoughts on “YOU Can be the BOSS of Me…. Pleeeease!

  1. Great choices! I chose #2 since like Brooke I thought the fabric reminded me of you. I made a Cake Hummingbird Skirt out of the fabric you have in #4. I’m interested to see how that would look in a blazer if you end up making that one.

  2. Well, you know the ‘retro/vintage’ is going to win, people are crazy for that stuff, :) , but I voted for the fabulous sheer bird fabric! I think it would make the loveliest spring/summer blouse.

    • I was thinking that the other day! How much we all seem to love a vintagey look and how lucky we are that we can sew them up! I do love tghat sheer bird fabric. Maybe I will be really bold this month and make more than one!

  3. WordPress really does not like me & polls. I cannot open yours for some reason. My vote is that AWESOME printed denim & jacket. Go for it! You’ll look marvellous.

  4. “Pick number two, my Lord!” Sorry… it was just sort of the perfect movie quotes for this situation. :) This is such a great idea! I voted for my first favorite, the Retro top! But my second fav is definitely that AMAZING denim print!! I love wild, deep colorful prints like those! I think it will look fabulous once you get it made. I can totally see that print on a jacket worn with a pair of red jeans!

  5. so funny! I just bought the sheer birdie fabric for Easter outfits for me and Eleena. Make that one and we can be triplets!

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