Surprise Surprise!!

Well, it was not a complete surprise- as I was expecting SOMETHING but I had no idea what coolness I would be surprised with!

In March, Sparkly Supernova announced she would be hosting a Sewing Surprises Swap. Of course I jumped on board! What could be better than giving a gift to a sewing blogger and receiving some goodies as well!?

Last week it arrived. I LOVE getting things in the mail. (Who doesn’t?) I confess when I was growing up I had many penpals. From all over! Just so I could get mail and write letters. Now, most of the time I just get junk and bills… sighhh…

BUT, last week I returned from picking my daughter up from school and what was residing on my front porch? A BOX! My heart rate sped up, a smile reached my face and I ran the last few steps to the door! YES! It was for me! I hugged the box to my chest, bolted inside, demanded Juliette get me a knife and was sitting on the couch enjoying all my surprises within a moment or two. :)

Happiness… My swap gifter was Becky over at Sew and So Blog… And I loved everything!


See??? Everything was perfect! For reals! I wanted to work on perfecting my button holes and Becky sent me a nifty little tool to try! And what sewist doesn’t need a cute new pin cushion? The pattern was on my list but alas, when I went to JoAnns they did not have one.  BUT happiness to find it included in my surprise box! The tote bag is “totes adorbs…” It is lined with SHOE fabric!!! I LOVE SHOES! :D And finally, a little selection of chocolate. YUM… gone within 24 hours.

The swap was lots of fun and I am so happy with my “loot.” Thanks a mil Becky!


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17 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise!!

  1. I love that crazy dress! What a great surprise. I also had a number of penpals growing up, too. They were to improve my English writing skills. It was fun!

  2. Wow :-) Sounds like your “pal” put some “heart” into this one. I am so glad she “reached” and “touched” you :-) we all need that :-). I am cureous, what was the little tool she sent you to help with button holes???? I am also always trying to make mine better, so…. it makes me cureous as to what it is!!! :-) Congratulations again on your gift :-)

    • It’s a buttonhole cutter–you just put the project on a block of wood or cutting mat and press down with that to cut the buttonhole open. Way easier and less stressful than trying to use scissors or a seam ripper!

  3. Yay, I’m glad you liked everything! I need to go back and see if they still have that pattern, because I want it for myself too, lol! I’ve been meaning to go all week but haven’t had time.

    Also, I wanted to apologize because it looks like the pincushion may have fallen apart a bit in transit-I’m pretty sure that yellow ribbon was supposed to be tied around it, and that there used to be a sunflower on there!

  4. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this swap you got some lovely goodies!! Ill be doing a post of everyone’s suprises when all the blogs are posted! I will defiantly be doing another swap in future!!

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